Maia Spa & Wellness
Phu Quoc

All-Spa Inclusive

Fusion’s famous “all-spa inclusive” concept is something you won’t find outside of our Resorts, and is one of the things we’re most proud of. You see, we think that shaking off the distractions of the modern world is one of the most important parts of any vacation, and so, for each night stayed at a Fusion Resort, our extensive spa menu and dedicated spa and wellness facility is at your disposal*, at no extra cost. It’s all included in the room rate.

Equipped with spacious changing areas and its own private outdoor pool, plus steam and sauna rooms, indoor and outdoor yoga areas, a hair and beauty salon, fitness centre, and 20 double treatment rooms for body and foot massages, body scrubs and wraps, Maia Spa Phu Quoc is a true highlight of the resort.

In conjunction with our healthy food and drink options, and the secluded, sedate, natural environment, our talented team of health and wellbeing experts aim to put you on a path towards total rejuvenation.

Closer to Nature

Phu Quoc pepper is world famous. Our serene spa facility was therefore built around its very own pepper garden, containing numerous pepper orchids and other tropical herbs and spices that all make their way into our treatments (and often into our kitchens, too!). You may be able to take some of these world-famous spices home, but you cannot leave Fusion Resort Phu Quoc without experiencing our signature ‘’Natural Living Pepper’’ treatment.

But don’t worry, our talented spa manager has no plans to start using Phu Quoc’s other famous export, fish sauce, in this treatments.


The new three-, five-, and seven-day packages are crafted around health pillars designed to address every aspect of a person’s well-being. The packages cultivate a compelling new middle ground between a full-on wellness retreat and an a la carte holiday.

The first of these pillars, “fusionmind” elevates physical fitness as the first fundamental of well-being. The second “fusionsense” focuses on optimizing health from the inside out, while the last pillar “fusionsoul” helps guests deploy meditation, yoga and massage to enhance health and state-of-mind.

“We’re offering wellness-inspired vacations that don’t necessarily get in the way of your holiday,” said Fusion’s CEO Marco van Aggele. “Guests should feel refreshed and inspired, but not restricted, when they embark on a health-focused journey with us.”

These pillars form the core of the daily agenda, from beginning each day with an awakening yoga class or active fitness session, to enjoying nourishing, flavourful, vitamin-dense cuisine at each meal.

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*The Small Print

Guests are invited to select two spa journeys from our menu for each day of their stay. Additional reservations are subject to availability, but we will always do our best to accommodate you.

We kindly ask that guests pre-book spa treatments at least 48 hours prior to arrival in order to avoid disappointment. Should we not hear from you, we will automatically allocate a time for your first visit, but, of course, if this is not convenient, just let our reception staff know when checking in.

Guests are politely asked to arrive at the spa at least ten minutes before their appointment time. In the event of a late arrival, our therapists must finish your session at the scheduled time as courtesy to our other guests.

Children under 12 years are not permitted to use the spa.

Children aged 12 years or more are welcome to enjoy a limited, child-friendly range of treatments, and only when accompanied by an adult.